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Do not feed the Troll! – free book

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This is the second ROBOTEERS novel

This is the second ROBOTEERS novel

When Martin’s family moved house his Dad told him things would be better: he’d have more space to make his models, his sister would have her own bookshelves so she wouldn’t use his ones and Dad would be doing all his beer brewing in the garden.

Nobody said anything about a troll under the lawn!

At first they think the troll is cute and funny but things never stay that way. Soon it takes over their whole lives and they realise they should have heeded the warning they found with it:


Winner of The Wishing Shelf Awards 2015!

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Make your own Sugar the Robot bookmarks!

Why not download, colour and print your own Sugar the Robot bookmarks? Simply download the file which best suits your printer paper. Instructions are on the sheet. For those who are interested you can also download the source file for the bookmarks.

UK, Europe and others Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular)
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Primarily USA. Requires PDF reader software (such as Adobe Reader or Okular)
Source file for the bookmarks. Requires SVG editing software (e.g. Inkscape).

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Why do I want you to write a review? Because I want people to read the book (I’m really more interested in readers than sales although if you want to add a review on Amazon that would be nice) and also because I’d like to know what people think of it. That way I can work out whether what to change in any future books (or even whether to write any future books). If you do write one, I’d love to read it so please let me know.

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